Friday, 26 March 2021

Distressed Wood Flooring Explained

Distressing is a technique which is currently being used on everything from jeans cloth to wood floors. Distressed wood floors are the perfect compromise for anyone who is yearning the expression of an old floor but the performance and the practicality of a new floor. Distressed wood flooring are not amazingly a popular choice within this period of fashion where folks want products that have a solid heritage or a story to tell. Although distressed wood flooring have neither of those things from an era point of view, the appearance implies that the floor has survived the test of time and has a history all its own. These are often referred to as classic wood flooring because of this.

The technique utilized to distress a timber flooring efficiently involves damaging the floor to make it seem like it has endured many years of wear and tear. Distressing could be carried out by hand or by machine. Normally, chains, scrapers, hammers and other harmful objects are utilized to produce the distressed effect that's so desirable today. A distressed wood floor implies that the floor has a long standing background and a small story to tell. A look that works well in both traditional and modern interior settings, it's easy to see why distressed wood flooring is sought after.

An alternative to hand painful is for flooring to be tumbled. A tumbled flooring is an alternative to hand distressed hardwood floors which has a very similar looking end. Tumbling floor planks is a process which makes a similar end look to painful and involves rotating the floor boards at a huge drum where they roll around and bounce off each other causing damage to both the faces and the edges of the boards. The end result of tumbling is possibly more arbitrary than painful and it's the added benefit of distressing the borders of the boards, which functions to alter the overall look once the flooring is laid.

Distressed and tumbled wood floors are especially effective techniques to incorporate old home charm to new possessions as well as being a smart concept to turn a worn and weary old floor into something a little more interesting and desirable. Colours of distressed wood floors and levels of distress differ from product to product but there is likely to be a distressed wood floor option to fit your requirements and budget. In reality, you may even distress your very own wooden floor in case you've got the guts, but it's not a task for the faint hearted!

Monday, 4 January 2021


Hardwood floors are vulnerable to this change in humidity levels in the atmosphere. Though the hardwood is first dried and then processed prior to being used for flooring, seasonal changes on the flooring may become noticeable. Keep reading to learn more about these changes with respect to various times of the year and what floor care processes you can do to avoid humidity problems with your wood floors.

Assessing Your Hardwood Floors From Seasonal Humidity Changes

Throughout winter season

The air during in winter is generally dry and lacks humidity. Homes can also be heated and hardwood floors loses some moisture and can begin contracting. This ends in a string of thin openings which typically appear between the boards if the moisture levels in the atmosphere fall under 40%. There is not anything to worry about as this will return to normal once you turn off the heating in the spring, and humidity levels start rising again.

To be able to prevent this from occurring, you might choose to control the humidity levels in the atmosphere during the winter by installing a humidifier near the furnace. Another option is to use a portable humidifier in the room(s) with wood flooring. A basic humidity meter is also helpful in tracking the moisture levels in your home through the year.

During summer season

When the air is humid in the summer, indoor humidity levels can appear as large as 90%. As a result, the wood tends to absorb the extra moisture from the atmosphere and expand in size (that can be known as cupping of timber ) within only a couple of days. If you realize that the edges of the boards are higher than its center part, the wood has cupped.

So as to stop cupping from occurring on your hardwood flooring, it is important to keep up the indoor humidity levels in your home (before installation) between 40% to 60%. Always work to limit the humidity below 65%. It is a nice thought to maintain humidity levels under control with a dehumidifier or air conditioner during the warm and humid summer season.

Special note for hardwood flooring Using exotic wood species

In case you've installed an exotic hardwood floor, you have to make sure that the indoor air humidity levels are within the range of 50 percent to 70% at all times, as well as this, air temperature also needs to be kept between 65F and 75F.

As a remedy to maintain these floors, it is advisable to keep an air humidifier running during winter season, along with an air conditioner through the summers. Installing engineered hardwood flooring and using digital temperature/moisture meter are also known to be good solutions for preventing the wooden boards from cupping, crowning, humidity fluctuations, buckling, and cracking.

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Floor Sanding Wolwich

Improving your home interior with hardwood

Everyone makes choices about their home and interior. We see this increase in tendencies of improving your home with hardwood. A classic hardwood is back on top. The wooden floor in each room gives comfort, tranquillity and warmth and these are the main reasons why our customers are choosing it!

If you’re thinking of putting a new hardwood floors, you can’t go wrong. All types of hardwood floors have natural beauty and fit well with any interior — modern, traditional, country, you name it! Hardwood are good also for kitchens and basements but there they require a special considerations.

Wood floors fill these spaces with an instant classic feel, traditional look and beauty that you can experience over the years and this is important because home is place that doesn’t just exist outside, but it is living inside us! To have a home that we love is important for our emotional health and also to feel good in our home and there are just a few things that every home should be full of - laugh , games, good vibes and a shiny smooth wooden flooring!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Colours in wooden floors world

Hardwood floors doesn’t have to be a sea of brown. The traditional and classic choice of home owners is brown colour and it’s varies, but these days we see an interest in new visions and more colourful designs of home and office interiors and also wood floors. Universally available finish colours suggest wonderful array of whites, browns, blacks and reds and even blue ones!

Traditionally, hardwood flooring came in thick planks of solid timber. Today, solid hardwood is still widely available, but many of our clients also prefer an engineered flooring. It is made of planks with a thinner top layer of hardwood, bonded to other layers and designed to prevent the floor from shifting during expansion or contraction cycles.

Solid wood from other side is generally installed over one or two layers of plywood, which can raise the height of a floor and interfere with existing doors or marginally reduced ceiling height but their long lasting is a big advantage! Choose carefully and contact with experts if you have new ideas for the colour of your floors, because some engineered floors have top layers so thin that they can’t be sanded and refinished in the future, and solid particles of pigment suspended in a solvent, applied to wood to darken or change its natural colour, but if you want to get out of the brown one you need to take advantage of flooring samples and choose the best for you with the help of our experts!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Renovation will heal your home

An attractive rich colour wooden floors are fashionable from a 100 years from now. They are big part of every single type of interior no matter if it is home or office interior. The long lasting of this material is making it appropriate to renovation and you can make them shine again!

The care of your wooden floors should be handled by professionals. Our company is qualified and focused on top quality sanding support for home, office and even school flooring. We offer an additional services and a lot of experience in the business. Choosing the right wood material for your floors can be very confusing since there are many selections to choose from. Whenever you choose to use it will be a total heal of your home environment, because floors are an enormous part of the area. Any scratched wooden floors could be modified to transform your home design and interior style and fresh up the place again! Take the opportunity and use wooden floors to help you manipulate your vital home energies and soothe your home environment! 

Our company generate any variety of wood floor and doing incredible work. Our professionals work rapidly and efficient each time, so contact us if you need any information, advice or any floor restoration procedure!